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My Passion in Flying, Filming, and Helping Businesses Succeed with Technologies

Aside from my background of IT, CRM, and Project Management; I was always interested in flying model airplanes, helicopters, and drones while filming with cameras on them. I wanted to capture these very special moments from different perspectives, and make them last forever. Since 2015 I have been making videos for businesses, organizations, and personal interest. Take a look at my showreel to learn more about what I can do, and get in touch if you’d like to discuss a project.


Video, Photo, and Pilot Projects

Event Video & Photo Producer

PROJECT: elm41 Sales Event

Real estate sales event attended by over 100 realtors. I was the designated photographer/videographer, post production, and as well as the drone pilot flying in and out of the venue and filming at the same time. The video shoot employed a multi-camera setup.

Drone Pilot

PROJECT: LYMT Buddha Bathing Event

The Buddha Bathing ritual was held at the Ling Yen Mountain Temple in Richmond BC. Over 1,000 visitors came to the event. I was the sole drone pilot responsible for both indoor and outdoor videos The indoor footages were captured in the main hall of the temple that housed over 300; while the outdoor footages covered the entire site of the temple.

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